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In any profession, it always comes down to trust.

Do you trust who you’re hiring to do the best job possible?

Professional photographers have the knowledge and the skill to make you look the best you can be. That’s MY job. That’s MY passion. That’s what I've chosen to do for a living. That’s what sets me apart.

I can buy a hammer for a few dollars at the hardware store. Yet I spent hundreds of dollars for a handyman to repair my deck. I can buy a needle and thread for a few dollars at the fabric store. Yet I spent over $100 on alterations at a local tailor.

It’s not about the tools; it’s about the outcome.


If you just want a snapshot, go to a friend with a camera. But if you have the desire for an experience like no other, hire me. The results will show the difference.

A senior girl sitting outside of the Louvre museum in Paris France wearing red and smiling
Senior guy standing in front of a graffiti wall on rusted out stairs
reid sen 2.jpg
Senior guy crouching with a roping rope in a field by a lake, with a beautiful sky in the background
senior girl sitting on a beach with the water behind her and a beautiful sunset
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