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Frequently Asked Questions

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Session?

We generally book up 6-8 weeks in advance so call us as soon as possible to book your session.  Certain times of the year book even more quickly.  Give us a call and we can tell you how our calendar is looking   720-289-5942

How Long Will My Session Last?

The shoot itself will approximately 2-3 hours.  We like to photograph you in a variety of outfits and different locations.  If you plan on getting your hair and make up done, you should build that into the time allotted for the day,

Where Will My Session Take Place?

When you call to book your session, we will discuss locations with you.  We have a variety of different locations we go to and would love to know if you have seen some locations in our images that you like.  We want your session to be all about you and we want the locations to reflect your personality.  From fields to graffiti walls and everything in between, we have locations for everyone. We are also happy to make recommendations based on your personality and style.   Accessories are important!

What Should I Bring To My Session?

Plan to bring a variety of outfits - 4-5 is ideal.  Although we may not photograph you in them all, bringing this many will give us something to choose from.  We want you to look your best!  When choosing your outfits, try to vary them up in both color and in styles. 

Bring your outfits on hangers, or nicely folded so that they are not wrinkled.  Bring something to carry it all in like a rolling suitcase or a wagon.

Bring accessories - jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, hats, a blue jean jacket, sunglasses, watch, and shoes for each outfit. 

Bring your phone.  You may also bring one friend, but please let us know in advance if you are planning to bring a friend.


If you have anything special you want to include in your session (like a letterman jacket your car, etc, be sure to bring it all with you.  We are happy to work your car and/or pet into your session but need to know in advance so that we can plan for including these things. 

Bring a water bottle and snack in case you get hungry during your session. .

Girls should bring extra make up for touch ups and any other products they feel they might need. 


A parent must attend your session with you. 

What If It Rains or Is Scheduled To Rain The Week Of My Session?

We know that weather is finicky and can change on a moment's notice.  Therefore, we do not reschedule a session based on a weather forecast.  Rather, we wait until the day of your session and make a determination at that time.  If the weather is certain to be inclement, we will reschedule to the soonest possible date that we have available. 



What About Hair And Make-Up?

Hair and Make-Up is a very important part of what makes your pictures amazing.  Some girls get their hair done before their session and others prefer to do it themselves.  We want you to love your images, so it's up to you as to how you do your hair. If you would like to add some variety to your session, just let me know and if your hair is long, we can pull it up for a few images, or can braid it to create a different look.  

Having your make-up professionally done is a great idea because having "camera ready" make up will really add to making your pictures amazing.  Many girls want a very "natural look" and a professional make up artist will know how to give you a natural look, while still evening out your complexion.  We recommend lashes, as they will make your eyes pop.  Your lip color can be natural if that's what you prefer.  Bring additional make up to your session in case you need to reapply. If your session is taking place during the hot months, we recommend bringing a translucent face powder to reduce shine. 

How Can I Find Out More Information?

Just give us a call or text us your name and number and we will call you.  Be sure to tell us in your text that you would like some information on senior pictures. You can reach Tina at 720-289-5942. 

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