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Senior Rep Program

Class of 2024 - Applications Are Open Now!

Current high school Juniors  (Class of 2024) and current seniors have the ability to apply to be in our Senior Rep Program. As a Senior Rep, in addition to doing your senior pictures with us, you will be able to earn discounts and credits at our studio, will be eligible to participate in small group photo shoots and can make new friends.   You must have your parents' permission to apply and once we receive your application we will contact a parent to tell you all about the program.

We begin accepting applications from high school Juniors every January for the following senior year, so be sure to apply early!  ​ Become a rep from your school today and get your senior year kicked off now with T. Parmelee Photography

group of senior girls standing in front of Christmas tree laughing after shopping and holding shopping bags
senior girls celebrating new years eve, slowing glitter
senior girl holding disco ball for new years eve
senior girls with heart glasses, piggybacking laughing
group of senior girls in the winter snow wearing flannel and winter hats
senior girl with the peak club shirt on
senior girl with the peak club shirt on  at the county fair
senior girl with the peak club shirt on and peace sign


group of senior girls in the leafy woods during fall
group of senior girls  with jean shorts in the woods
group of senior girls
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