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Nearly every parent that comes into my studio to view and order their seniors images spends more than they were planning. But 100% of them are glad they did. You can read reviews and ask others. But here's a quick review from Susan H:

We had the most incredible senior year experience with T.Parmelee photography!!

Tina's creativity and attention to detail for the individual's vision of their senior pictures was amazing. My special needs son's senior year moments are now captured forever. Tina listened to what would help my son smile and had 2 assitants with a bird puppet at several photo shoots, which helped my son with his best smiles!

Tina helped guide us all year with products, pictures and deadline dates from yearbook, senior pictures and announcements, to yard signs, graduation party invites, 5ft sports banners and the most incredible graduation pictures in cap and gown. She is professional, punctual, quick to respond, thinks outside the box for creativity and listens to what your vision is to make it reality and more!!

Her products and work quality are far above expectations! We are so thankful to have gone through this senior year and monumental experience with the expertise of Tina with T.Parmelee photography!!

When I read that review, tears came to my eyes!! I LOVE what I do, and I LOVE when you all get as much out of your senior experience as I do. Want to hear about capturing your moment in time? Go check it out, and then you'll see why the answer is YES, it's totally worth it!!

Here are some other things to think about as well:

  1. Memories and Milestones: Senior pictures capture a significant milestone in your Childs life. They can serve as lasting memories of their high school years and the transition to the next chapter of their life. And this may be the last time you have solo pictures of your child, the next time may be with a significant other on their arm.

  2. Personal Expression: Senior pictures provide an opportunity for personal expression. They allow the senior to showcase their personality, interests, and style during a unique time in their life.

  3. Family Tradition: For some, getting senior pictures is a family tradition and a way to celebrate achievements. It can be a meaningful experience for both your senior and your family.

  4. Professional Quality: Hiring a skilled photographer can result in high-quality, professionally edited images. These images can be superior to casual snapshots and can be cherished for years to come.

  5. Social Sharing: Senior pictures are often used for graduation announcements, social media profiles, and to share with friends and family. They can be a way to celebrate and share all your seniors accomplishments.

  6. Cultural or School Tradition: In some cultures or schools, senior pictures are a common tradition, and not having them may cause fomo!

If you ask my clients, they definitely agree that it's worth it to invest in high quality senior photos, to recognize and celebrate the hard work of their teen! As they prepare to leave and venture into adulthood, it is comforting to have beautiful keepsakes around the house to bring back all the memories, that will take you to another place at time, when looking at their images years down the road. And as a photographer, I love being able to provide everyone with keepsakes that let the memories happen year after year.

Next time, come back, for what to expect in a session with me

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