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Essential Ways to Prepare for a Successful Senior Photo Session

Making sure you are prepared for your senior portrait session will ensure that everything goes smooth and is the best experience! It is my job to make sure you look and feel your best, but I can only do so much, you have to do the rest! 

So first: 


*Start thinking about your senior pictures your JUNIOR YEAR!

WHY? Because your senior year is busy! Also, pictures are usually due to the school yearbook in October/November. School starts August, and when school starts you will be overwhelmed with the stack of papers they give you with all the things you will need to fill out and all the deadlines. Get your pictures done early, so that's one last thing you need to worry and stress about! 

*Set up your photoshoot and get it done during the winter, spring, or summer of your junior/senior year. So you  aren't scrambling when school starts and you're overwhelmed with everything you have to do as a senior! Job, school, sports, community. It's all just overwhelming when school starts. 


*Already have the thought in your mind that this is going to be super easy and fun- because it will be! Relax and don't freak out. Because I'm pretty fun to take pictures with, I'll tell you bad jokes to get a real smile, and I kinda know what I'm doing, so you won't just be standing there thinking "what do I do with my hands??" Also, bring someone that will help you relax....your bff or boyfriend/girlfriend, and Mom or Dad (if they can make you smile and not criticize). They like to be apart of this milestone in your last year of high school. 


*Bring multiple outfits and a good variety. I will help you put together things that will look good and work! If you want to have them picked out before the session, we can FaceTime or zoom!! And then we will meet at my studio to pick out the final pieces that will make you look stunning

*Make sure your variety of clothing includes: trendy, classic, casual, and formal. 

*Avoid stripes, distracting patterns, white shirts, and logo t shirts- these take away from the photo. 

*Make sure your clothes aren't wrinkled. IRON THEM the night before AND HANG them up!!

*Be prepared to change quickly. The faster you change the more photos you'll get. ( I will have a changing tent for you to change in)

*Try on all your outfits before your shoot. Do you feel comfortable? Does it fit right? Is it a good choice after all? Look in the mirror and see if it bunches anywhere or looks funny, make sure your undergarments aren't sticking out in funny places and making you outfits look weird! 


*Girls, Heels are so fun and glamorous, if that's the look you are going for.  If you aren't comfortable wearing heels, a good alternative is wedges. If you want a relaxed style, converse or vans always are a staple. If you decided to go with an open toe sandal, make sure your toes are polished and that they look good! 

*Boys, your shoe decision is pretty simple, just make sure they are cohesive with your outfit, and make sure your socks match your shoe!!!  Seriously, if you are wearing a white sock with a black shoe.......rethink that, and find a dark sock.

*You will be able to see your shoes in some of the shots,  and they'll make a difference- so pick wisely!

*Try to avoid flip flops. Yes, they're comfy, but they are a little too casual. 


*Girls, lets talk makeup!! Your makeup should be heavier than usual. It always photographs  less in the camera.    And take the time to do it right. It can make or break a photo. Try to stay away from any glitter, it leave weird speckles on your skin and you look like you have blemishes. The glitter attacks the light and makes your skin look not so good. 

*Your eyes are what draws everyone into the photograph- so spend a little more time defining them with makeup.

*Nails-don't forget these! Your nails will show on camera, so make sure you have a fresh manicure done. Chipped nail polish isn't a style! And GUYS....make sure your nails are clean and well trimmed. Nothing is worse then getting your photos back and seeing dirt under your nails in your shot. 

*Watch your sun exposure leading up to the shoot. Weird, awkward tan lines and sun burns are hard to hide. (those weird apple watch tan line bands are NOT attractive, so cover them up with some foundation if you are not wearing your watch.)

*If you have a blemish- don't stress about it! They can be covered up with makeup or removed in post processing. I will make sure you look your best!


*If you want to try any major changes to your hair do it a week before your senior session.

*Wear your hair in a way that feels comfortable to you, but don't be afraid to "up" it a bit. This is your day after all!

*Remember to bring your brushes, bobby pins, hairspray, and anything else you use for your hair.


*Brainstorm before your photo shoot what you want to bring so it's not a crazy mad dash the day of! Good ideas include: pets, sport uniforms, instrument, sports equipment, hobby items, books, camera, paint/canvas, jackets, etc

Arrival time:

*Make sure that you show up on time, if not a little earlier. Showing up late means less iight and camera time...which means less photo's for you, and we don't want that!


*Feel totally free to bring a friend or parent! Just make sure that they will make you relaxed and have fun- not stress you out. You are welcome to bring your boy/girl friend for a couple shots too! 

I hope this helps a little!  

Any additional questions? contact me!


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