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Starting to think about senior pictures NOW and contacting your photographer (ME), allows for better planning and preparation. Here's why:

  1. Availability of Photographers: Good photographers, especially those popular for senior portraits, may have a busy schedule. Booking early ensures you can secure a slot with me.

2. Choice of Dates: By starting early, you have more options when it comes to choosing the date and location for your senior pictures. This gives you the flexibility to select a setting that reflects your personality or interests.

3. Time for Consultation and Planning: Early planning allows you to have thorough discussions with the photographer about your preferences, style, and any specific ideas you may have. This ensures that your senior pictures will truly capture your personality and vision.

4. Avoiding Schedule Conflicts: As the school year progresses, your schedule may become busier with exams, extracurricular activities, work, and other commitments. Starting early helps you avoid scheduling conflicts.

5. Considerations: Depending on your location, weather can play a significant role in outdoor photo sessions. Starting early allows you to plan for a backup date in case of inclement weather or unexpected issues.

In the end, starting now to think about your senior pictures, gives you more options, reduces stress, and ensures that we will be able to capture your senior moments in time!

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