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What to expect in a session with me

I love to take pictures of High School Seniors and capture a moment in time that we can never replace. You have looked forward to this year since you started Kindergarten! Lets get your senior images to show that excitement.  Your senior year is probably the last time you will get professional pictures, until a job or marriage comes in to play, and that may be a long time. Make sure to get this year documented with a good photographer, Me!!

With a picture, we will always be able to bring back the emotions, memories, and what we were going through at that time in our lives.  I love to work with natural light, so sessions will most likely be outdoors. But will add in a fill light if needed to get the best light!  Locations are selected based on the interest of the student and can include open fields, parks, football fields, historic buildings, reservoirs, etc.   I'll will work with your needs and wants to select the location that best fits your personality! 

*Cost for one individual session (ex: High School seniors, headshots, personal branding etc.) starts at $275 (to reserve your date) packages start at $500  

*Cost for a family (one individual family) session starts at $350.  Packages start at $500. 

There is an additional fee for more people, and for travel outside of the Denver Metro Area. 

All session fees are due at time of booking to reserve your calendar date and are non-refundable. The session will  last between 1-2 hours.  After the session, within the week, you will come to the studio for your viewing and ordering appointment.

One  location (or two for some seniors).  Any location of your choosing (I am happy to offer many different suggestions, I have LOTS of places). Location sessions will be done using the natural environment, or your home or gym, etc.  Please schedule during the day, mornings and evenings work best. 

We will capture your Senior in many different outfits, locations, and just have fun! This should be an fun and exciting experience that your senior will enjoy and remember. My style is laid back and casual. I like to take "every day" pictures, and creative out of the box ones too. Please be ready to have fun, relax and be open minded. Don't stress, as this should be an fun experience, full of laughs, so that we can capture your moment in time, and remember what a great year your senior year will be.  

If you would like me to capture your moment in time, send me an email, look us up on facebook (tparmeleephotography) or leave me a comment with a way to contact you. (all comments with personal information, are kept confidential and not published for public viewing)

 email: if you have any more questions, or would like to schedule a session.

Prices are subject to change. T. Parmelee Photography reserves the right to use all images for display, publication, or other purposes. Please do not infringe on the copyright of each image. Please do not crop the photo, edit the photo, or put a filter on it. If you have an editing request, please contact me.

If you would like to use photos from this blog, please put a link to this website, so those that enjoy your pictures will know who took them. Thank you. 

Thanks for looking!

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